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Professional Powder Coating Ltd has been established since 1997. PPC has a high level of service and quality. After working in the powder coating industry for more than 20 years, we have grown to meet the needs of our growing customers, and we are now based in a 75,000 square foot facility. We offer our customers a true one stop shop for all your powder coating needs. PPC works with a highly educated team of engineers on designing our powder coating systems, based on our knowledge of powder coating and requirements, and continuous research to go further, we are able to acknowledge the high demand for quality powder coating. 

We have been able to construct a heavy-duty automatic powder coating conveyor line of 800 linear feet in length and carry over 500 pounds per linear feet, with a 5 stage automatic spray wash system carrying over 1,500 spray nozzles. Our separate chemical pre-treatment stage has allowed us to use zinc- phosphate and/or iron- phosphate wash. PPC has state of the art custom-built machinery and equipment to better serve our customer base, which has led to good customer relations.

We have powder coating batch systems to better serve your needs, our batch systems can carry over 5000 pounds, and we have the capability of handling up to 25,000 pounds easily.

At PPC, we also specialize in sandblasting, which is a part of our unique process. Our blastroom's have given us the ability to process large pieces of materials. Other powder coaters have issues stripping parts down to bare metal and stripping their own hooks and equipment used in the powder coating process. Here at PPC, we do it all, we have the right equipment to meet your stripping needs for various items, whether it’s sandblasting or burn off.

PPC has a large advantage over many powder coaters, thanks to our hard-working staff, up to date facility, and equipment. We have a burn off oven that can handle large volumes at once. We have satisfied many customer's needs, whether it is custom coating, industrial coating, production coating, sandblasting, or stripping. PPC is a very environmental friendly industry, all powder coatings that are no longer needed are returned to the manufacturer where they are then recycled. Chemicals that are no longer needed are properly disposed of. In conclusion, PPC is your one stop shop for all your powder coating needs. If you’re looking for powder coating, you’re in the right place. You’ll benefit from fast turnaround and a job that’s done right, the first time, every time.

Four-Step Processing

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At PPC, we have a four-step process: wash, sandblast, epoxy primer base coat and, super durable topcoat. Our high-quality four-step processing is ideal for all types of machinery equipment. For example, a car wash system, which is exposed to the harsh environment within a car wash, constant water, chemicals, and debris. We have over 20 years of experience in powder coating various car wash items and systems, machinery frames, heavy equipment chassis, utility poles, electrical enclosures, and much more.  Our coatings are perfect for surfaces that are exposed to chemicals , weather, and other conditions that promote rust. We can provide a film thickness of up to 12 thousandths or more of an inch and can provide you with any specifications that you may require. We can also send it out to an independent testing lab, or test in our lab if required. PPC has a 100% customer satisfaction rating in Canada and the US.