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We welcome all your sandblasting needs. At PPC, we have state of the art custom built sandblast rooms, which has given us the ability to process large pieces of material of all shapes and sizes. We specialize in quality sandblasting since 1997. Sandblasting provides a rust-free surface to make it suitable for further processing for powder coating or paint, removing rust, scale, and other contaminants from a variety of diffrent metals. Typically this process is used prior to the application of a primer coat or for clean a prepped surface ready for finishing. At PPC, we provide a fast turnaround time and services that’s done right the first time, every time. Contact PPC for a quote on your sandblasting requirments.

Sandblasting Sandblasting

Packaging and Shipping

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PPC will help you choose safe packaging and shipment options for your items. However big or small your item is, PPC will make sure it arrives safely to you without any damage. we can deliver your item to you or wherever you require as we have our own trucks (straight truck & enclosed flatbed). We have a large amount of packaging materials in stock, such as: wood, cardboard, colligated roll, paper, foam, seal to self-paper, skids, and plastic sleeve. We have a high-performance automatic turntable wrapping machine to ensure your product is wrapped securely and properly. At PPC we also have lots of yard space for large trucks, large product, easy and quick unloading and loading, as well as loading docks.

Packaging and Shipping Packaging and Shipping

Machinery Products

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 At PPC, we specialize in processing all types of machinery frames interior/exterior, heavy equipment chassis. We also do sandblasting for heavy equipment to provide quality service to all of our highly respected customers. 

We also provide masking for sandblasting, carry high-temperature tapes, caps, and plugs for powder coating process. Protecting any machined surfaces, tapped holes, threads, or studs from powder coating. We use an epoxy primer base coat and super durable topcoat for weather, rust corrosion, and chemical resistance. At PPC, we offer a quick turnaround time and a full quality guarantee. 

Machinery Products Machinery Products

Stripping Needs

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At PPC, we have a in house high-efficiency burn-off oven for your stripping needs. We can handle large volumes at once to remove old paint/powder without warping or bending the metal. This process can be used on items that have several layers of paint/powder.

We also can strip old paint by sandblasting if necessary. For your stripping needs, contact us for a quote today. You can trust PPC to get the job done when you need it.

Stripping Needs Stripping Needs


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If your looking to restore your valuable pieces we can strip your old paint from your item to bare metal by sandblasting or burn-off and then refinsh it. At PPC we make sure that you don't have peeling paint jobs, such asthe finish on common patio furniture which peels after a few years. 

Some of the items we restore are motorcycle frames, swing arms, car chassis, rims, rad heaters, fencing, equipment, utility poles, store fixtures, and much much more. If it's metal we coat it, for new looks contact PPC, and choose your color today. One of our qualified staff associates will be happy to help.

Restoration Restoration